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US Route 40/322 Data Collection

US Route 40322 Data Collection


New Jersey Department of Transportation

Relevant Project Components

    • Planning, Conducting, Coordinating and Analyzing Traffic Surveys
    • Manual Turning Movement Classification Counts
    • Automatic Traffic Recorder Counts
    • Travel Time Runs
    • Field Inspections


AEA provided traffic engineering services in collecting count data along the US 40/322 corridor. AEA completed manual classification turning movement traffic counts at nine intersections, automatic traffic recorder (ATR) counts at nine locations, and travel time runs on three corridors over three peak periods. Manual count data was balanced and compared with ATR data, and historic count data was obtained from township planning boards. The data was used to retime traffic signals along the corridor, resulting in reduced delays.

On a similar project, Fair Lawn Avenue Bridge replacement, AEA conducted peak hour classification turning movement traffic counts at nine intersections during the weekday AM, weekday PM, and Saturday midday peak periods. Data was collected to determine existing volumes crossing three bridges over the Passaic River, and also to revise signal timings during construction. One bridge (Fair Lawn Avenue Bridge) will be removed and replaced with a larger bridge that can accommodate trucks.