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Statewide Video Encoding



New Jersey Department of Transportation


AEA planned and developed concept and design of encoding of 300+ NJDOT analog cameras to MPEG 4 multicast video streams for viewing and control from various locations connected through NJDOT/NJTA CWDM network. AEA Bosch were investigated for control and monitoring of the IP video streams Statewide Traffic Management Center (STMC, TOC Cherry Hill, NJDOT Headquarters Trenton and other remote locations. Nextiva was selected based upon presentations and NJTA previous experience with the system. AEA designed the encoding system with 12-port encoders at TOC Elmwood Park and TOC Cherry Hill to allow for quick installation while reducing the construction cost. AEA designed new racks, electric power, UPS and network for installation of new encoders. The analog video feeds from the field were connected to the 12-port encoders and the encoders were connected to the Cisco network at the TOC. The analog stream were converted to MPEG 4 multicast video streams for monitoring and control from STMC and other locations. PTZ control was established through code translators from existing AD Switch CPU. AEA coordinated and monitored the installations and performed band width calculations and witnessed the testing and acceptance of the system. The project was fast tracked and successfully completed on schedule.