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Statewide ITS On-Call Design Services Term Agreements

NJDOT, Statewide ITS On-Call Design Services Term Agreements


New Jersey Department of Transportation


Advantage Engineering Associates, P.C. (AEA) has a proven track record of delivering successful ITS projects by utilizing innovative designs and methods to meet the specific needs of each client/project. AEA is a leader in planning, design, management, and implementation of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) and has been involved with ITS systems since its inception. AEA has implemented and managed very complex ITS projects. AEA working with New Jersey Department of Transportation as On-Call ITS consultant for 13 years, beginning in 2005. AEA was selected five consecutive times (2005, 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2015) as ITS ON-Call Consultant and was ranked #1 firm all five times. As On-Call ITS consultant to NJDOT, AEA has contributed extensively to the planning, design and implementation of numerous ITS systems deployed throughout the State of New Jersey. The Following project descriptions include some of the assignments performed under this ITS On-Call Project:

  • NJDOT ITS Design Standards
  • Meadowlands Area Traffic Surveillance System (MATSS) Project
  • Statewide Video Encoding
  • Statewide Traffic Management Center (STMC) Woodbridge
  • Smart Moves North 2014
  • Route I-80 ITS Communication System – Ethernet Network Design
  • NJDOT, Asset Management Documentation