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Route 1 Southbound – Nassau Park Boulevard

Route 1 Southbound - Nassau Park Boulevard


New Jersey Department of Transportation

Relevant Project Components

    • Signing and Striping Design
    • Crash Analysis
    • Protection of Traffic
    • Staging Plans
    • Detour Signing
    • Field Inspections
    • Project Meetings
    • Presentation of Findings
    • Engineering Investigations
    • Design Development Packages


As a subconsultant to Parsons Brinckeroff (PB), AEA is providing engineering services for signing and striping, highway lighting, and intelligent transportation systems (ITS) for the proposed improvements along Route 1 Southbound between Nassau Park Boulevard and the Quaker Bridge Mall Overpass. AEA reviewed as-builts, conducted field investigations, and analyzed crash data for a complete assessment of the existing conditions. Sign location plans and striping key plans were created using MUTCD standards and based on roadway needs. Multiple access points and parking lots were affected by the new alignment of the roadway and had to be modified accordingly with new striping and appropriate signing. All ground mounted, overhead, and bridge mounted signs were relocated within the right of way so no additional easements would need to be obtained. Existing sign structures were analyzed for re-use where possible. All utility and site conflicts are being coordinated with utility companies and respective owners. Meetings were held with NJDOT and PB to review the design and coordinate interdisciplinary parameters. The ITS infrastructure will be reviewed by AEA to ensure that existing facilities are not impacted by the project, to determine if new facilities are required, and to replace/relocate facilities that are being affected. AEA will perform a lighting warrant analysis, photometric calculations, and lighting design for all ramps and associated acceleration/deceleration lanes. Quality assurance/control will be strictly enforced on all deliverables and design documents. The final design package will include a construction cost estimate, details, specifications, plans, and engineering design summaries.