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New Jersey Active Traffic Management Deployment (ATM) Program

New Jersey Active Traffic Management Deployment (ATM) Program


New Jersey Department of Transportation & New Jersey Institute of Technology


AEA is providing Subject Matter Expertise in developing and documenting an Active Traffic Management (ATM) deployment program. The purpose of the ATM program will be to complement existing transportation systems management and operations (TSMO) strategies and systems in New Jersey to improve traffic operations along the major commuter corridors within the State. ATM strategies and ITS devices to be addressed will include, but not be limited to related emerging technologies as they develop in the future, the following: variable speed limits, dynamic lane assignment, queue warning via dynamic message signs, hard shoulder running, junction control and traffic surveillance and incident detection technology in support of the ATM. AEA is responsible for developing the programmatic process to deliver ATM projects as well as defining the high level system requirements, developing a project level ITS architecture and assisting in the creation of the Concept of Operations plan for ATM.